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Barcelona is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from all over the world. Excellent weather, a language that makes you want to dance, the history is interesting, a paradise for foodies (the food in Barcelona is tastier than Madrid), beaches and an atmosphere of freedom 🙂

You will find all the recommendations in the planning before being checked (several times) with us and most of them are places that are a MUST for those of you visiting Barcelona for the first time and also for the fifth time. Some of the recommendations are really unknown to tourists but are gems for the local audience. The trip is designed for couples, groups or families who enjoy excellent food, fine cocktails, spectacular views, shopping, entertainment and surprises.

אילו המלצות כלולות בתכנון?


All recommendations for accommodation are within walking distance of the entertainment areas and the main attractions, where each recommendation is an interesting option for entertainment with a unique element such as a rooftop bar with a spectacular view, an amazing chef, a stunning pool or a gorgeous design.


As someone who eats good food occupies at least 50% of his enjoyment on vacation in any destination in the world, all the recommendations you will be exposed to offer T-E-Y food in a unique atmosphere that we would return to every day if we could even though we like to try new places 🙂


The attractions consist of places and experiences that every person who visits Barcelona must do (otherwise some will say that you haven't really visited the city!) but also surprises and unique places that even people who have visited the city many times do not know . The goal is for you to visit the most recommended places in the city and not waste time on tourist traps.


חיי לילה

My recommendations for nightlife in Barcelona include crazy bars, cocktail bars and rooftops for a night visit and even some for the day!

שופינג ושווקים

Part of the fun on vacation is also walking around the stores and doing a little shopping! There is a wide selection of shopping complexes and shopping areas throughout Barcelona, ​​​​but our recommendations include the most comfortable, beautiful and brand-filled places in the city that anyone can enjoy (even if you're a man and just waiting for your partner to finish shopping!)

מפה מפורטת

תקבלו לינק למפה מ-Google Maps שתוכלו להשתמש בה בחשבון ה-Google Maps שלכם בנייד עם כל המלונות, מסעדות, אטרקציות, חיי לילה, שופינג ועוד כך שבכל רגע תוכלו לראות מה קרוב אליכם ולבנות מסלול נוח לכל יום

לו"ז מלא לדוגמא

Below you will find the ideal schedule for people visiting the city for the first time and looking for a pampering vacation that revolves around excellent food, worthwhile attractions, entertainment and shopping. The schedule was designed with the best times for each event in mind and considering convenient distances 🙂


מי אני

Hi, I'm Emilio, 34 years old, married +2, I work in the worlds of accommodation and hospitality in several European countries and divide my time between Israel and Europe.
Ever since I was little, I have always loved the feeling of being on vacation, the unfamiliar smells and surprises that every vacation can bring.
I focus on urban trips, in major cities in the world but not only, I like to experiment and get to know different people and cultures from around the world and experience every place like a local to find out what really happens there.

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