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The episode we are in Panama. The pearl in Central America that is so loved by Israelis. Israelis usually come to it as part of the big trip after the army and miss out on more special parts that are also suitable for a slightly more mature trip.

We recorded the episode together with Omer Yahav Marico Torres. Omar has a service called Friend in Panama that provides personal tourism services for groups and individuals. Omar bridges the many information gaps that travelers have in Panama. 

Together with Omar we go through the special beaches, the jungles and also Panama City which was very worth expanding on. You will find the details of the episode and the links below. 

Omar can be found on his Instagram page and on WhatsApp .

As usual, you can find me on my Instagram page .

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לצפייה בתיאור הפרק המלא

הרכב הפרק

01:05 Getting to know Omar

03:30 Who are the Panamanians?

08:55 How Panama is built

13:05 Climate

15:00 What vacations is Panama suitable for?

18:00 Panama City, structure and prominent areas

19:25 How to get to Panama and getting around in it

23:50 Accommodation

28:00 Culinary and entertainment places

9:00 p.m. Attractions - trips, notable locations and more...

34:45 Prominent beaches for surfing

35:30 What to do in Panama City

37:15 Structure of a two-week trip in Panama

40:05 Photogenic locations  

41:40 Things that know-it-alls know

43:10 Where to feel like a local

43:50 Parquet and cultural tips

45:10 Where can you find information about Panama


45:30 A little about the Friend In Panama service

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